If you are thinking about the prospect of FREE electricity and the chance to register for “The feed in Tariff” (F.I.T) a Government backed Green energy incentive and for the next 20 years index linked, then get in touch TODAY!


If you have got this far, you obviously have some idea of what we are offering, A green energy system, which once installed will produce Free electricity from daylight and when commissioned by us in accordance with the Micro Generation Scheme (MCS) will allow you to accept payments against the power produced as set out by the department of Energy & Climate change.

These payments are made direct to you and by your energy supplier, normally as direct payments to your specified bank account. Such payments being made at the rate of 14.9p per kw unit produced. If you do not use all of the power produced, it will be exported back to the grid whereby a further 4.64p will be added to the payments received.     Operated on Radiant light, you don’t need a sunny day to generate power. A common mis-conception of solar energy in the UK is `will they work, or produce much power given our weather for much of the year` The simple answer is yes and very efficiently too. It’s a fact that the solar panels will produce a good energy yield on a cold bright day!

elechomeAs well as being Fully MCS accredited we are a member of the relevant consumer assurance schemes.

  • One such scheme has been specifically developed to guide the consumer through the process of finding a reputable and experienced contractor when choosing a renewable energy.
  • We are a fully qualified and certified renewable contractor with our own in house electricians and PV engineers..
  • We also incorporate a wealth of experience as an accredited roofing contractor,   with some 15 years experience in the roofing industry.
  • We are accredited installers of Energie, Hitachi and are Panasonic Pro academy certified installers. Not many other Renewable Energy companies, installing P.V solar systems can boast the same.
  • Very few Renewable Energy company’s installing solar P.V systems can boast of a similar trading track record.


It’s not uncommon for a designed & installed solar system to cover up to 50% of a standard homes electricity requirements.

A typical system will consist of 9 panels amounting to 2.25Kwp. Such a system will reduce your energy consumption on the average home by 45-50% when situated on a south facing roof with little or no shade and may produce an approximate £400-£750 income despite what is used or exported


A typical domestic P.V system should save around 1200kg of C02 per year, which equates to around 30 Tonnes over the 25 years.

Your P.V system will on average pay for itself in 7-8 years after which you will continue to make profits at 100% as there is no real on-going maintenance cost!

The Solar panel itself is not actually that green to produce at the point of manufacturer, however as the Panel is guaranteed for 25 years, but has a life expectancy of around 40 years it certainly makes up for it.