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If you are thinking about the prospect of FREE electricity and the chance to register for “The feed in Tariff” (F.I.T) a Government backed Green energy incentive and for the next 20 years index linked, then get in touch TODAY!

Why choose Silvercrest Solar? Put simply, because we’re one of the Uk’s most trusted, respected and long-standing solar companies. In fact, we've been around since the early days of the solar industry; we've been part of the evolution that has made PV the attractive investment it is today. We've put solar on more types of sites than many other companies in the industry. What’s more, we’re in it for the long-haul. This isn't just our business, it’s our mission. Our commitment to making solar accessible is deep-rooted and long-term, and our solidly-established business is growing steadily.

We are not exclusive to solar pv but almost all renewable energies, helping the UK to reduce its carbon foot print, check out our product range.

So when you choose Silvercrest, you know you’re in very good hands.

If you have any concerns please visit the RECC Consumer Code of Conduct here

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